Monday, December 15, 2008

Yo, This Book MIGHT Suck!

You know, I don't get much feedback at all on my writing. Besides my significant other, I don't think anyone has ever read my novel. That's a shame. But I'm starting to wonder how I would take the criticism. I watched The Day the Earth Stood Still this past weekend and sat in awe. I love films where humanity just doesn't have a clue how to stop something so unimaginable from happening. I was much more enamored with the special effects and the cinematography, but the story wasn't so bad either. Nor was the general message, which was faithful to the original and still remains true to this day. Go figure.

But while the credits were rolling, it was the first flick I've been to in a while where the people were obviously left unsatisfied. "Yo, that movie sucked," I heard above the others. I held back the "You suck" reply, figuring that this was not my film and I shouldn't take it personally. But I enjoyed it, so I did. But only for a moment. And then I realized that I've never even got so much as a "Yo, this book sucked."

How the hell do I think I'll ever get published when I can't even get my book read by my peers let alone a publisher or literary agent? And how well will I actually take their criticism once they have read it?