Friday, December 12, 2008

Countdown to 2009

I have no idea what's in store for 2009, but I'm optimistic. I'm hopeful. I read today that, even though the the auto bailout fell flat on its face in Congress yesterday, the Treasury department will not let the Big 3 fail. And I have a few friends that have lost their jobs. But on January 1st, you have to believe in something magical, and I think they will get back on their feet. It's a new, fresh start. And with a bit of faith, and some confidence, you have to believe everything's just going to work out.

American Exceptionalism may be fizzing away, but with Barack Obama soon to lead this country, I'm excited that this country may be heading in a new direction. I hope that foreign policy will be reinvented for this new globalized world and that energy technology leads our economy back to preeminence.

Hopefully something inside my head will click and regardless of where I write, I will write. And maybe I'll get married. And make a son. And win the lottery. Who know's what's going to happen, but I'm optimistic.