Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Don't Tap Out!

When inspiration and creativity is absent for so long, can you deduce that the story is no longer worth writing? Is there a point when an idea is simply dead? And have I stumbled into a brain-snapping grapple that I should just succumb to the pain and tap out already?!

Well the short, perhaps ephemeral answer is no, not just yet. There are plenty of stories out there that exist - and popularly - in the world of novels, comic books and graphic novels that give me hope that one day my story will see the dimly fluorescent-lit shelves of bookstores, eventually. And while I do sometimes have a tinge of doubt that pinches me at the temple, usually the confidence that has kept this first book alive takes large Pacman-like bites out of that doubt. Chomp, Chomp, Chomp.

Sometimes I find it curious that I spend more time and effort on posting on this blog than I do actually trying to sit down and write. I've listed in other posts the numerous distractions I have - that most of us share - but in this case, the first story is done. Queries are mailed, and some already rejected. But for the series of AFTER MAN as a whole, I know that there is a market for these stories. Having the patience as well as the confidence to one day see these stories in print is worth too much to simply tap out now.