Monday, December 29, 2008

Make Room For My Ego!

Okay, now I'd say it's about time to revel in a lil egotism here. While searching online at Barnes and Noble for vampire books to lighten the balance of my gift card, I came across several books that just made me say, "Wow."

I often self-deprecate on this blog, but after browsing some of the vampire books that have been published, I was left thinking that I may have what it takes to potentially become America's next great white hope! Seriously, there's shit out there, my friends. This is just the kind of kick in the ass I was looking for. In all seriousness, I'm far from a great writer. But I believe that I'm a good writer. And while UNIQUE isn't the Great American Novel, I believe that it is a fun book to read, within an interesting series.

Perhaps all this "shit" that is published annually is marketed correctly, and that's why certain writing ass-clowns have a job today. And this "shit" helps good stuff become great. (This, and probably a better work ethic than my own...)

I'm well aware that there are also what is comparable to a shit-ton of stuff printed that is written quite well. While Stephenie Meyers is hugely popular, her stuff gets trounced pretty bad, too. I think her Twilight books are beautiful, if not long-winded. Charlaine Harris writes wonderfully well, save for the fact that some sentences are borderline irrelevant. I could go on, but you don't care.