Monday, October 29, 2012

A New Life in New Orleans

Here's a basic synopsis for the query of my childrens book:

Count Dracula leaves behind the foggy woodland hills of Transylvania for the humid narrow streets of New Orleans. His wife Caramella has been seemingly abducted by his arch nemesis, the French nobleman Le'snot, who has whisked her away to New Orleans to be married on Halloween. Le'snot's friend, Edvard, is brooding and glittering (he's bitter that his fangs will not develop) and agrees to help Le'snot when he falls in love with a beignet waitress named Cookie at Cafe Du Monde.

And finally there is the small brown wolf-like puppy Wolfie who is burdened with a particular affliction for turning into a human boy during the full moon. It's his curse to bear, and while in human-boy form for those three days he searches old books on ways to destroy the human curse, not immediately seeing the hypocrisy of his quest.

Dracula and his son Devon arrive in New Orleans at a pier in front of Jackson Square, with St Louis Cathedral looming in the background, and immediately search for Le'snot. They hire the help of local vampire experts to seek him out. The father and son, along with Wolfie, are whisked out of the French Quarter and head for the oak-lined streets of the Garden District via the St Charles streetcar line and head to 1st St [formerly Anne Rice's home] to the corner house Le'snot calls home.

During the quest to find his mother Devon is constantly trying to kill other vampires, including his father, with tiny sharp wooden stakes, but is thwarted inadvertently and humorously throughout. Either Wolfie will catch one sailing in the air trying to play fetch or he will hit a bat swirling around the Count instead, ending in a wisp of smoke. The stakes never quite reach their intended targets... Devon has grown angry since his mom left and he blames his father for caring more about growing the "Count Dracula brand" around the world than keeping his momma happy. The misinformed Count tries informs his son that his mother did not leave--she was kidnapped by the despot Le’snot--Of course she would never leave them deliberately. But it is the Count who is wrong.

But when Devon and the Count are attacked by a father-daughter vampire hunting duo, the imfamous Blake and Bunny, the little would be vampire hunter abates his contempt for his kind. And when his father helps save him, the moment helps to bond Devon with his father again as they fight their way back against the vampire slayers.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, dear blog. Hurricane Sandy is on her way and the flooding has begun around here. Wind gusts are extreme, too.

I began a strong edit of Unique. From over 140,000 words I'm working near to 100,000 words for a much more single direction. I hope to postpone the apocalyptic ending for another story so to keep the plot and setting in present day for the time being. I like it in Baltimore. I'll blow it up later.

The book 2 story is still in the works as I really like the story of Evan waking from a coffin in the earth a decade or so into this new world inhabited by tall, dark castles and vampire technology and mutants and a much quieter planet.

Saw Hotel Transylvania with my girlfriend and nephew over the weekend. Really cute flick, but eerily reminded me of my failures to get my vampire children's book (A New Life in New Orleans) done. Oh what could've been...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's Been...One Year

During this past year I've learned a lot about myself, and forgot a lot, as well. During this past year I reckon I could've had polished my book and had it published, twice. Instead, I burrowed deep into my depression, snuggled into it, cried that I wanted to find a way out of it, but like the barb of a cactus, the more you pull the deeper it sets.

During this past year I've missed a lot of opportunities. During this past year I watched my beloved Baltimore Orioles win 93 games and burst onto the Postseason stage and falter dramatically. That was the flipside to my deep despair. The boys in orange and black gave me a summer to remember while survived a summer to forget.

Today I started writing again, added a nice new piece to the first book and I have two pages in what is now the definite book 2. As the original book 2 became a piece for much later in the series.

Who knows, maybe I'll be back soon...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Yeah, so...

Unemployment. Day 180.

Withdrawal. Pain. Agony.

The Displaced Vampire all but forgotten.

How can i fix any of this?