Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vampires of Castle Disney

So, there is this story floating around in my head, and it goes like this:

Cartoon Dracula is depressed. His wife, Mina, has left him for America. He is contemplating a sun-baked death when he receives word that Mina is co-mingling with a French vampire in New Orleans. Determined to win back his love, Cartoon Dracula leaves on a boat ("Demeter," of course) and sets off for the Big Easy.

Upon entering New Orleans, Cartoon Dracula is assailed by a trio of young, cocky (and depressed, in Edvard's case) vampires. After hearing that the vampire king himself was arriving in their adopted city, Lesnot rounds up his coven to entertain their sacred ancestor and progenitor.

And this is the beginning of the synopsis for a Disney-inspired mash-up of vampire fiction I've been fooling around with. I really have no idea how one query's the great Disney, but I'm finding this story to be fun, regardless.