Saturday, December 18, 2010

Query Letter

I sat down last night and crafted a whole new query letter. One hundred-fifty thousand words funneled down into one paragraph. Eek. Well, if I can't pitch my book in one small letter, perhaps this thing's not worth getting published, let alone reading.

I'm thinking about printing the manuscript and sending it to DAW books the way it is. I've edited it about as much as I personally can. I've joined an online writing workshop, but so far had no reviews. Paying a book doctor at this point might be too expensive. And I haven't been rejected by a publishing house in over a year or two. But, I've yet to query agents in the past year or two, the time that this story's had some major revising done.

Popping a couple pills tonight and getting to work. Weird that I haven't lost inspiration in the seven years that this story, in one form or another, has been revised and edited.