Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm a Writer. Right?

Do you ever get the feeling that you're not cut-out to be a writer. I get the feeling more and more often. And not for lack of publication, either. No, sometimes I sit down to write all of the cool scenarios that I came up with, only to stare at a blank page, while the cursor blink, blink, blinks away.

And the distractions, oh the distractions! If it isn't football, it's well the MLB playoffs start today; or look, here's a new book to read; or, I'm hungry. Maybe I should eat another lunch. At another restaurant. Or let's see what's new on Wikipedia!

In five years I've completed one novel. While in the past year I've developed plots and opening chapters for at least 7 additional stories. Will I ever complete these? And, while Unique is "complete" it doesn't feel finished. Well it's not perfect! No, only my use of the Italic button is perfect.

I suppose even this is normal. It all goes back to my needing a dedicated space for writing. Or this is just another excuse. Wow, I'm running around in circles, beginning to sweat even.