Thursday, October 9, 2008

Music and the World

Do you ever listen to a song and just get high? Yeah, music plays a pretty big role in my life, and my iPod s always in my pocket. It's absolutely in everything I write. Sometimes it feels like I'm even writing scenarios around a particular song. Or maybe my entire first story is about music. The protagonist is a turntablist, at least, who never quite got the hang of the guitar.

I'm beginning to understand why I'm holding on so dearly to this first story. After this one, the world is different. There is no more music to be made. Or I'm sure nobody wants to create any. After this first story, the world is dark and it's a polar opposite from the amazing and vibrant world we know today, which, I'm not necessarily sure we appreciate. It would be so easy for the world to be wiped away.

Today is sunny, warm and I have "Let it Die" by the Foo Fighters beaming in my ear. It's a good day for writing. It's a good day...