Friday, August 29, 2008

Other Stories

So I haven't exactly stayed on course with writing Book 2. Actually, I've been simultaneously writing books 3, and 4, and even 5. My only shame so far has been my incessant copying of Kevin Leahy's translation of Hideyuki Kikuchi's style. And I'm not outright plagiarizing his work--far from it, actually. But I pretend sometimes that I'm writing the next Vampire Hunter D, using the poetic and sometimes even silly dialogue as my muse.

Regardless of my seemingly lack of creativity, I'm simply writing what comes to me. Much like I explained in a letter to Mr. Kikuchi-san. One thing that I may have to come to grips with is that eventually, while I'm writing these volumes, I will have to put down the books (like my Hollywood post) and use whatever imagination I have of my own to develop the next series of books.