Saturday, August 30, 2008

In Class

So class is in full swing. In Anthropology, I began to see things in the same light as my characters. We're learning about the Masai people of Kenya, a tribe of herdsman and their many wives. They are primitive. They live by their traditions, even as the high-tech society around them collapses in on their world. And for vampires, I begin to feel like they would view us in the same light. As advanced as we may be today, for the sake of my fiction, the vampires inherit the throne of top billing on Earth, as their technology takes them to the stars and beyond in a post-apacolyptic world where mankind has fully relinquished their control of their society.

And what's bittersweet is that I'm taking Spanish...and enjoying myself. I should've taken this stuff in high school, but I've always been an underacheiver. I long to take Japanese, however. But wow I don't have the determination for that just yet.

I'm a year away from graduating with my first degree, and I already can't stop thinking about obtaining my second. Hopefully there I'll be satiated...