Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, dear blog. Hurricane Sandy is on her way and the flooding has begun around here. Wind gusts are extreme, too.

I began a strong edit of Unique. From over 140,000 words I'm working near to 100,000 words for a much more single direction. I hope to postpone the apocalyptic ending for another story so to keep the plot and setting in present day for the time being. I like it in Baltimore. I'll blow it up later.

The book 2 story is still in the works as I really like the story of Evan waking from a coffin in the earth a decade or so into this new world inhabited by tall, dark castles and vampire technology and mutants and a much quieter planet.

Saw Hotel Transylvania with my girlfriend and nephew over the weekend. Really cute flick, but eerily reminded me of my failures to get my vampire children's book (A New Life in New Orleans) done. Oh what could've been...