Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Writing with Rhythm

Okay, before I get started on the updates for Book Two, I'll just say that the Rivalry is dead. The Steelers punished the Ravens, on then went on to beat the Jets, and will probably enjoy their 3rd Lombardi trophy in six years this February. The Ravens are now second fiddle in their division. There is no comparison. They are no longer a threat.

That breaks my heart.

But I have hope for the O's more than I've had in over thirteen years. Bring on spring...

Book Two is now close to 25K words, and the plot is unfolding all around each and every paragraph. I may not be able to tie it up in 100,000 words, so this book may also be a Part 1/Part 2. We'll see. But there is a rhythm I'm developing with this book. I don't exactly know what that means at the moment, though I'm hoping to understand it soon.

I've been fairly quiet on the query letter front suddenly. I have yet to hear from Michelle Brower, so maybe I'll start sending out more letters in February (as I promised I would).