Monday, November 29, 2010

Resources and Rewriting

Over the past few days I have found incredible resources on the web. First, I may have found help with the manuscript editing services, care of Michael Garrett. During our first email correspondence, I felt that Mr. Garrett may be the perfect person for the job, if he so chooses to take on my story. There's always the possibility that he will decline to edit my work, but I have listened to his advice immediately, and begun implementing some changes already.

Next, there's the Guide to Literary Agents blog, with invaluable advice all over the place. Since my last attempt with the art of the query letter, I've learned so much. Now, after the revisions to my story (from 150,000 words to nearly 100,000 goal), I can begin to search once again for a literary agent.

I'll keep you updated as always, dear lonely blog.