Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Well it's that wonderful time of year again, my favorite holiday - Halloween! It really should be a month-long event, not just celebrated on the 31st, in my opinion. And as I'm in my vampire-marathon watching mode currently, I got to thinking about how many hot vampires there are in film and television. These are women I would welcome into my bed, shower, or coffin before they could even glamour me. So, my favorites list is reserved this Halloween for hottest (female) vampires.

#1 Hottest Female Vampire
Evan Rachel Wood,
A.K.A Sophie-Anne, Vampire Queen of Louisiana

Sophie-Anne is simply breathtaking. She is beautiful beyond words. Granted her character has become quite useless in the third season of True Blood, Evan Rachel remains sexy during her few scenes. Her pale-as-milk skin and red hair give her an angelic, divine quality.

#2 Hottest Female Vampire
Alyson Hannigan,
A.K.A. Vampire Willow

Willow was my teenage fantasy: quiet, unassuming and shy. Intelligent and quirky, she was everything I liked about girls. And she was hot. And one of my favorite episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the alternative-reality spectacle, "The Wish". It's also exciting when Vamp Willow gets fresh with her living, human Willow counterpart...

#3 Hottest Female Vampire
Kate Beckinsale,
A.K.A. Selene
Selene's eyes change colors with her emotions, while the Underworld films remain shrouded in hues of blue. Her skin-tight leather suit suits the fantasy, pardon the pun. Kate gets bonus points for playing a part in two vampire films (Van Helsing).