Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer's Dead; Long Live Summer!

The O’s complete another losing season in a week or two. My hypochondria seems to be getting worse, and I’m back on the white optimism. I haven’t even thought about either UNIQUE or WITNESS since classes began. One good thing coming up is the trip to Memphis and New Orleans in the end of October with Theresa in our first road trip in the Mustang. And at least football’s back this weekend. Finally a team from Baltimore to cheer for that wins.

Anyway, this has been easily the quickest summer of my life. The coolest, too. I’m quite blown away, really. I’ve stopped drinking, hanging with friends, and generally doing anything. Things are great with my GF. But I wonder if maybe I am just depressed. As you may know, I’m not fond at all of the word or its definition; but what else could it be. I’ve even lost my appetite and cravings for food! Today I eat only out of habit and for sustenance. This is both good and bad.