Monday, February 2, 2009


Today I realized like a verbal slap in the face why I want to write for a living. Maybe I'm too nice, I don't know - but I don't like being disrespected. And I was today; you would've thought I had taken money from her purse the way she treated me, too. My boss, I'm referring to. For the first time I did not even feel welcome here. How am I supposed to work with that in the back of my head, now?

This just emphasizes how valuable my education is. If I needed further encouragement this was it, as classes begin tomorrow. I know, everyone has bosses - but not everyone has bosses that look at you like you're disposable. I was so close to just giving my notice and walking away. My tax refund is almost here, and I could've survived on it for a couple months, at least. Hell, I still might. One of the big reasons I'm (possibly) lazy is that I don't want to work my ass off in a dead-end job. I mean, what's the point? Seriously, I'm not happy here, but in the back of my head I know it could be worse...